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How To Improvise The Battery Life Of Your iPhone

We are all concerned about the battery life of our phone. If you’re an iPhone user, you need to make sure that your iPhone lasts as long as possible because your phone is nothing more than a paperweight when dead.

It is a hectic task and most of us struggle to keep our battery last even for a day especially when we have an extensive use of it. So, here are some aids to cure your battery from dying permanently and improve the battery life of your iPhone:

Enable the low power mode
One of the most basic and crucial tips is to enable the Low Power Mode when in a critical battery situation. To enable this feature, go to Settings, scroll down to the battery and turn on the Low power mode. I will turn off some of the bolting features on your iPhone to protect it from damaging quickly.

Keep tab on the apps consuming battery
Some of the apps keep running in the background and consume battery even when you are not using your phone. Turn off the running of background apps and cut down on the apps that you are not using, as they will just consume the battery life of your handset.

Remove widgets
Remove the unwanted widgets from your phone, if you don’t want your phone’s battery to be consumed from the widgets and them being updated frequently.

Turn on the Auto-brightness
Turn on the Auto-brightness feature of your iPhone so that it automatically adjusts your brightness and there is no unnecessary drainage of the battery. You can also set your brightness to a minimum level.

Avoid over-charging
Don’t over charge your phone in any case. Remove your phone from charging when it reaches about 95%. This prevents your battery from overheating.

Do not let it run below 5%
Charge your iPhone when it reaches below 20% and don’t let it run below 5%. That is very harmful for your battery life. Your phone heats up quick if you charge it when the battery is below 5%.

Do not also forget to turn the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, location services off when not in use. They will also absorb your battery.