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Desktops Vs. Laptops: Easing the Dilemma

Desktops vs. laptops are you tangled in a dilemma in choosing between these two computer systems? If you are looking to purchase a new device, a common question arises “what type will best suit my needs” and “what is the difference?” You have to consider these questions if you want to purchase a new system.

Portability & Simplicity
When it comes to portability, laptops win hands down due to its compact size with all elements. For someone who needs to stay productive on the go, laptops are the obvious choice. Modern laptops are slim, sleek and weigh less than 3 pounds. And thanks to cloud storage, you don’t need to carry a laptop back and forth from the office to access your work files from home. For sheer ease of use, you can’t beat the simpler setup of a laptop computer.

Desktop computers have a separate monitor and are bulky. They are meant to be used in one location and not moved around much. While it is possible to move desktop computers, it takes extra work to hook up everything and start it up again.

Due to the compact size, laptop components are smaller compared to the desktop counterparts. As a result, laptop often sacrifices performance for portability. Gaming laptops can have equal performance but at a higher price.

An average desktop has more hard drive space, a faster central processor and better graphics performance than an average laptop with a standard hardware configuration. Some high-end laptops have hardware specifications that allow them to approach or exceed the performance of some desktops. Desktop computers are usually preferred for intensive graphic uses such as gaming, 3D modeling and a lot of VFX works.

Screen Size
To maintain portability laptops rarely have a screen size that exceeds 15 to 17 inches. However, a laptop can still be connected to an external display and support any size screen or monitor.

With a desktop computer, the user can incorporate a large screen of up to 27 inches or more and can even use multiple screens.

Upgrades & Expandability
Our newly bought or installed desktop computer performs at high speed but as years pass the system slows down as hardware can’t keep up with the demand of newer software upgrades. This delay may hurt your productivity. However, most of the components in a desktop computer are easily removable. Hence, making it easier to upgrade.

Whereas, in a laptop computer, except for memory and hard drive other components are either inbuilt or not removable. Therefore, making it impossible to work with an upgraded version of a component.

Ease of Repairs
Desktop computers are far easier to repair and maintain than laptops. With laptops, you would have to go to the manufacturer for a warranty repair for even simple problems. On the other hand, simple maintenance like removing dust from inside your computer’s case or changing a faulty hard drive is extremely straightforward tasks on a desktop PC.

You will get a more powerful desktop for your money if you are willing to give up portability. There is a large range of prices for desktop computers because of its wide variety of component options available. Though a desktop PC is relatively cheaper than a laptop, you will take the hit on your electricity bill because it needs a continuous power supply. Whereas, laptop batteries have reduced their power input requirements for longevity.

However, desktops price increases with the variety of accessories like webcam, high-end keyboards, monitors, etc. A laptop can be cheaper as a decent laptop comes with 13-inch HD display.

Today laptop versus desktop is more than a product comparison; it’s more of your lifestyle choices. If you are not looking for portability, you can get a lot more computer for a lot less if you choose a desktop over a laptop. Laptops have a benefit of being portable and convenient, whereas desktops provide the greatest benefits when it comes to processing speed, memory, reliability, and the ability to upgrade. And if you are going to buy desktops you have the option to choose tower model or all-in-one PCs.

Choosing a computer system whether a laptop or desktop depends on your work and your lifestyle. If your work demands high performance, choose a desktop computer. And if you’re always on the go and care for ease of use, laptops should be your choice.

For most people, a computer is a standard part of daily life. It would be hard to imagine our lives without digital functionality and inter-connectivity. So next time you’re facing a dilemma of deciding between purchasing a laptop or a desktop PC, you’ll need to consider these criteria and make a decision that best suits your needs.